About Us

Alberta Culture and Tourism supports the development and sustainability of Alberta's cultural industries, tourism, the arts, recreation and sport, heritage and non-profit/voluntary sector.

Our culture and tourism industries enhance our quality of life, contribute to the economy, attract and retain a skilled workforce and build Alberta's reputation around the world.

Our programs, services and grants benefit Alberta's families, communities, visitors and investors by:

  • Building a vibrant culture sector
  • Marketing Alberta as a world-class destination
  • Promoting active, healthy lifestyles


  • To promote, develop and support programs and services that encourage Albertans to enrich their lives through culture and heritage, recreation and sport, tourism and events.
  • To support vibrant and inclusive communities, and contribute to improving the quality of life for Albertans and visitors.


The Ministry also includes the following agencies:

Last reviewed/revised: October 26, 2017
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